IATSE Local 232

Since 1912 we have been providing professional stagehands, technicians, and projectionists to the Amherst and Northampton areas.

IATSE Local 232 Hiring Hall Policy

Ratified 8/14/17; re-ratified 11/4/19; re-ratified 1/3/22

Membership in IATSE Local #232 is not a requirement to be eligible for work referral through the Hiring Hall of IATSE Local #232. Date of hire and job skill qualifications shall be the determining factor for work referral.

The IATSE Local #232 is an equal opportunity organization. It shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of sex, race, national origin, age, religion, handicap or sexual orientation and will comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local laws. 

IATSE Local #232 administers a Hiring Hall for the purpose of referring workers to jobs requested by Employers. The Hiring Hall administers both exclusive and nonexclusive contracts or collective bargaining agreements. Neither IATSE Local #232, nor its Hiring Hall are the Employer of workers referred through the Hiring Hall.

The purpose of the following rules is to provide for an orderly procedure for referral of applicants under all agreements, exclusive or nonexclusive. The following rules are to be applied equally and universally to all workers on the dispatch list. Evidence or occurrence of deviations, exceptions, or favoritism that violates these rules can be brought to the IATSE Local #232 Executive Board as per the Local’s Constitution. The Union in the referral process, nor the Employer in the hiring process shall discriminate against any worker for any reason contrary to the law, the contracts, or these rules. An Employer may reject any worker referred by the Hiring Hall. Such rejection may only take place in accordance with any relevant language outlined in the applicable collective bargaining agreement or outside work contract.


Eligibility and Responsibility of Worker

Workers must be at least 18 years old, have at the job site the tools required to do the job, abstain and be free from the influence of controlled substances and alcohol in the workplace, arrive at the job site on time, follow the dress code, adhere to all safety protocols and must keep IATSE Local #232 current on their address and phone number. Any worker referred by the Local must pay an assessment of Gross Wages for dispatched work to cover administrative fees–this assessment will be automatically removed from paychecks and can vary by venue contract.


Work Referral Process and Policies

Barring special circumstances as outlined herein or superseding venue hiring lists, all work referral calls will follow Hiring Hall List order. 

The Business Agent may appoint a Calling Steward to aide in communications to fill labor requests, in cases of personal absence or venue schedule requirements. A Calling Steward shall remain answerable to the Business Agent, but shall be empowered to operate with autonomy in compliance with the policies described herein. Concerns regarding the conduct of a Calling Steward must be reported to the Business Agent and Executive Board for review and possible disciplinary action as per the Local’s Constitution.

The Business Agent shall attempt to make direct contact with the worker. If no direct contact is made, an electronic message (voicemail, text or Email) will be left and the worker will have a response grace period to accept or decline. The response grace period shall be 12 hours from the time of the callIf no message can be left, this shall be accepted as the dispatch call attempt. Workers responding within the grace period will be placed on the labor request, in Hiring Hall List order. Workers responding after the response grace period may be placed on the labor request, if a position remains, in the order of their response, regardless of Hiring Hall List order. Workers must confirm their primary mode of contact with the Business Agent or Calling Steward.

Call positions will be confirmed by the Business Agent or Calling Steward within 12 hours of acceptance. If any call times change by Employer request, the Business Agent or Calling Steward will inform workers as quickly as possible. Should this change require replacement of personnel, the Business Agent or Calling Steward will fill the call according to the procedures and timeline laid out herein. 

When the Local receives a labor request within forty-eight (48) hours of the start of the work, it shall be considered a “short notice call” and the call will be filled on an emergency basis. Initial calls will be made in the order of the Hiring Hall list, but those who accept and confirm first will be on the call, regardless of list placement, until the call is filled. 

Should any worker become unavailable to fill a confirmed call 24 hour notice to the Business Agent or Calling Steward is required. Exceptions in the case of illness, emergency, or other unforeseen circumstances to be accepted at discretion of Business Agent or Calling Steward. Absence from or cancellation of a call by a worker within the 24 hour period may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance to this document and the hiring hall’s constitution.

Certain shows & venues  may require crew continuity for the load-in, load-out and/or show call by Employer request. If a worker is unable to provide continuity for the calls in these circumstances, the work call will be offered to the next worker on the list, until the call is filled. This includes multi-day events.   

The most senior worker on a production load-in has the first option to work the show (all performances) and the load-out.  This worker must possess all skills required of show call.   If the most senior worker is unable to work all the performances and the load-out, the next senior worker on the load-in will have the option to do so. If no worker on the production load-in can do all performances, the Steward or Business Agent will fill the position from the Hiring Hall list.

Referents working multiple day events may be temporarily replaced if they have an excuse approved by Business Agent.


Departments and Specialty Personnel

In the absence of contractual language governing the requesting of Specialty Personnel for skill, gender or experience, the guidelines in this document shall apply.  

Specialty Personnel are workers requested by skill, experience or gender (i.e. same gender dressers)– not by name. The employer will provide Specialty Personnel skill level requirements needed for a particular labor request. There is no limit to the number of Specialty Personnel within any labor request; the Business Agent shall make every effort to fulfill these requirements. 

Specialty Personnel skill levels shall be calculated by the Business Agent as objectively as possible using, but not limited to the following criteria: demonstrated or other objectively recognized skills, documented hours worked with in particular Specialty Skills areas, and workers’ Hiring Hall Certification Date. 

Specialty Personnel skills shall be within the following departments: 

Carpentry: Shop carpenters, fly rail operators, theatrical and non-theatrical riggers, forklift and aerial lift operators and truck loaders. 

Electrics: Qualified head electrician, system operators and technicians, spot operators. 

AV: Projectionists, video system operators and technicians. 

Sound: System operators and technicians. 

Wardrobe: Dressers, sewers, laundry personnel. 

Hair: Hair and make-up personnel. 

Props: Properties personnel.

General Stagehands: All non-specific requests for personnel shall be considered requests for General Stagehands. The Business Agent shall fill such calls according to the Work Referral Process and Policies described herein.

Job Stewards: In addition to the departments above, the Business Agent shall appoint a Steward for each venue per show with a crew of two (2) or more Stagehands. Unless otherwise specified, the Job Steward shall be considered a working member of the call.

Job Steward responsibilities include signing crew in and out, crew oversight, coordinating crew breaks, and maintaining communication with the employer and/or promoter.   The Job Steward, in consultation with the Business Agent, shall be responsible for ensuring adherence to any collective bargaining agreement in force at the venue.  The Steward shall be the only person on the crew to discuss contractual or conditional issues with the employer. Any grievance against the employer or another employee shall be reported immediately to the Job Steward who shall, in consultation with the Business Agent, determine an appropriate course of action.


Job Site Personnel Policies

  1. All persons are required to be signed in with Job Steward and ready to work by listed call start time. It is recommended that workers arrive 10 minutes before the call time to ensure readiness. Any worker not present and prepared at 10 minutes after the start time of call can be replaced at the discretion of the Job Steward.
  2. Any worker who misses a call, without contacting the Job Steward or Business Agent, shall be considered a “no show” and may be subject to suspension of referral. Not showing up for a call is subject to review by the Executive Board at its next scheduled meeting, after the offense. The Executive Board may execute disciplinary action as per the Local’s Constitution.
  3. All persons are required to remain on the job site until released by the Job Steward. Any person who leaves a job site without approval from the Job Steward prior to release, shall be reported to the Executive Board  with disciplinary action possible as per the Local’s Constitution.
  4. Crew cutbacks shall be done, in reverse seniority, on a first-in, last-out basis, according to the steward’s call list, unless the employer specifically requests particular skillsets or continuity. Referents may not quit one job in order to take another unless requested to do so by the Local. When a call is reduced to four (4) workers, all present must be able to do all the requirements of the job.
  5. All workers must maintain an attitude of professionalism, restraint and decorum in speech and attitude to employers and co-workers.  Conduct violations reported to or witnessed by the Job Steward and/or the Business Agent, may result in immediate removal from the call or investigation and penalties in accordance with the hiring hall’s constitution.
  6. Individuals may only smoke in legally designated smoking areas and only during designated breaks.
  7. All workers are required to appear generally presentable. Shirts must have sleeves and not carry offensive writing or images. All clothes must be clean and free of excessive holes and tears. Shorts may be worn during load in and load out, however show calls will be taken on a case by case basis.  Footwear which enclose the feet with a non-slip sole, are required. Clothing deemed inappropriate for a safe work environment will not be tolerated. If attire repeatedly does not meet the above, the worker may be subject to penalties at the discretion of the Job Steward and/or the Business Agent of the hiring hall.
    1. Show call attire: Workers are required to wear dress blacks, i.e. clean, black trousers, a clean black t-shirt or polo style shirt, small logo only or long sleeves when requested. Black boots or shoes which enclose the feet, with non-slip soles are required, as are black socks. 
    2. Dress attire for special circumstances: Workers may be required to wear a sport coat, collared shirt with tie, trousers or skirts/dresses of moderate length. Clothing and footwear must allow for safe fulfillment of position responsibilities. Additional requirements may arise by employer request. 
    3. Clean up/paint attire: Older or stained clothing may be worn if the call requires. Call sheets should reflect the need for such clothing. 
    4. Hot weather/outdoor attire: Shorts of moderate length and tank tops, with a reasonable neckline, may be worn, with permission, on specific calls. 
  8. All workers referred by IATSE Local #232 are expected to report with the required tools. 
    1. Tool List Stagehand: adjustable wrench, gloves and flashlight. Also recommended, knife, pliers/multi-tool, flat and phillips screwdrivers, hammer,socket set. 
    2. Tool List Rigger: ¾” rigging line (100 foot length)
  9. Workers may only use cell phones, tablets, smart phones and other electronic devices for personal business (e.g. music, email, social media, texting, phone calls, etc) during designated breaks. Tool related functions (e.g. calculator, DMX calculator, flashlight, etc) may be permitted at the discretion of the Job Steward and/or Business Agent.
  10. No Stagehand may use, sell, purchase, transfer or possess any illegal or controlled substance, while on a call referred by the Hiring Hall. Any Stagehand found on a worksite to be under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance, as determined by a Steward (or a Department Head in the absence of a Steward) or Union Officer, may be immediately dismissed from work. 

Any concerns or conflicts regarding work environment, crew breaks, personnel conduct and contractual or conditional obligations with the employer must be reported to the Job Steward and/or Business Agent for appropriate action.  Such actions can be followed by an investigation and may result in disciplinary action as per the hiring hall’s Constitution.  Repeated offenses may result in expulsion from the hiring hall.

Inclement Weather Policy

No worker shall be required to make a dangerous commute during extreme inclement weather, natural disaster, riot, act of God or general conflagration. It is the responsibility of any worker who feels that they must be tardy for, or absent from work due to the above conditions to contact the Job Steward and/or Business Agent immediately. A worker who is tardy or absent due to inclement weather, without informing the Job Steward or Business Agent, shall be subject to the same review as described in the Job Site Personnel Policies herein.