Health & Welfare

Financial Aid for Members: How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits
Actors Fund/

Mental Health Services:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Behind the Scenes Charity: Behind the Scenes offers grants to assist members of the entertainment industry with serious illness or injury. i.e. hospitalization. Check to see eligibility requirements here. BTS Charity has also created a mental health and suicide prevention initiative portal that includes resources and a self-assessment tool. They are also working on an entertainment industry specific therapist finder.

IATSE CARES: A new website facilitates volunteer deliveries for at-risk members, as well as a system for volunteers to intermittently check in with struggling members by phone. If you would like to have a volunteer call you, please fill out the “Buddy Up” form. Alternatively, if you wish to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer form.